The Canon C 3520i copier

The Canon C 3520i professional copier is a multi-function printer, MFP (multi-function printer) which allows to print in color in A3 and A4 formats.

It uses laser technology and prints at a speed of 20 copies per minute in A4 format and 10 copies per minute in A3 format.

Features of the Canon C 3520i

The Canon C 3520i copier has the following features:

color or black-and-white printing of your PDF, Word, Excel and Power-Point documents from a PC or Mac,
Copy or photocopy your documents, using the scanner glass directly for single-sheet copying or using the document feeder for multi-sheet copying and/or using the duplex function,
scanning of your documents for sending by mail (scan to mail),
scanning and dematerialization of your documents for Electronic Document Management (EDM) functions.

Paper capacities of the Canon C3520i

As standard, the Canon C3520i is equipped with 2 cassettes (also called paper drawers). As an option, it can be equipped with 2 additional drawers and thus total 4 cassettes of 550 sheets each offering a total capacity of 2200 sheets.

It has a multipurpose tray of 100 sheets located on the right side for printing on special papers.

The Canon C 3520i photocopier supports all types of paper, regardless of their thickness and quality, including labels.

However, it is strongly recommended to use good quality paper and to avoid using recycled paper, which is generally too abrasive for the printer’s organs.

Video presentation of the Canon C 3520i

Clarisse presents you, in our warehouse located in Vendée, the functions of the Canon C3520i.

For which types of business is the Canon C3520i recommended?

The Canon C 3520i professional copier is ideal for printing up to 4,000 copies per month. It is ideal for businesses with low to medium printing needs.

It is especially recommended for businesses with a need for fast, quality scanning. It is capable of scanning at 600 dpi resolution, at a speed of 70 images per minute. It is equipped with OCR character recognition functions.

Laboratory tested, the Canon C3520i achieves the following performance: 100 color pages (200 dpi; duplex, high compression) scanned in 2min47s, producing a file size of 6,673kB (2 times smaller than the average copier in this segment).

It connects easily to your office computer networks via wired, RJ45 or WIFI.

Which toner does the Canon C 3520I use?

The Canon C3520i uses C-EXV49 toner cartridges (like the Canon C 3320i copier of the previous range).

A C-EXV49 color toner cartridge allows you to make 19,000 copies and a black toner will allow you to make 36,000 copies.

The cost of printing a sheet of A4 black and white is 17 cents and that of a sheet of A4 color is 32 cents.

Lifetime of the Canon C 3520i

The Canon C 3520i copier is designed to print a minimum of 1 million copies. Our refurbished used models have a minimum potential of 750,000 copies.

The Canon C 3520i is also available in a C 3525i (25 pages per minute) and C 3530 (30 pages per minute) version available for sale on our website.

For the more constrained budgets, we recommend the Canon C3320i, previous range having similar characteristics with the notable exception of the WIFI.