vending machines

used vending machines export

Vending machines are great assets to quickly serve customers that are looking for a snack, a drink or just a cup of coffee. Plus they do not require manning to function well so they can be placed on lots of different places close to where your customers are. Although you might prefer to install them in your shop if you think they require supervision from potential theft. The modern versions of those machines include bank card payment including contactless and apple pay or equivalent.

At ishara, we have access to several sources of used vending machines. We do not stock them in our warehouse yet but we can get them rapidly to answer your requests.

Quality and traceability

vending machines are great tools for marketing. Most of them bear the name of a famous brand in coherence with what they contain. When it comes to used machines, there is nothing stopping you from using vending machine to adverstise for your own brand or on behalf of another vendor. This is why, at ishara, we make sure that none of the original marking is left on the equipment we well so you can use that support for your own benefit.

Shipping your vending machines

ishara has several years of experience in shipping fragile equipment across the world. Our vending machines are very carefully protected from shocks and mishandling to ensure that they reach you in the same condition that they leave our warehouse. this includes shipment by containers or palets.

Type of vending machines

there are no limits to the type of vending machines we are capable of sourcing for you. If it exists in western Europe, we can source it for you. Here is a non- exhaustive list of vending machines we export :

  • instant coffee vending machines,
  • bean grinding coffe machines,
  • hot beverages (soup, hot chocolate, tea…),
  • snacks vending machines,
    cold drinks vending machines (unbranded),
  • bank card only vending machines,
  • cash only vending machines,

and many other types on request.


all our vending machines are rendered neutral by our technicians. this is a prerequisite from our suppliers who prefer to strictly control their marketing actions. That means that all markings or logos are removed form the machines we procure so they can be safely exported without creating undue publicity or competition to the afore mentioned brands