When it comes to export logistics, we've got you covered like no one else.

When importing products from overseas, logistics is always a worry. Thanks to our 10 years of experience in export, we know the logistics pitfalls and how to avoid them. This is the reason why Discomex has partnered with one of the best transport and logistics companies in France. A company with decades of experience in handling and transporting photocopiers, printers, medical equipment, vending machines, safes, art pieces….

Delivering your order on time and in perfect condition

There is nothing more frustrating when you order an item to be waiting for its delivery with no information. this is why we have put the following process in place :


tracking your order. We share with you all information regarding shipping progress. as soon as you order leaves our warehouse, we inform you,


anticipating port arrival. 105 days before your container is due to arrive, we email you and prepare with you the release process so that no time is wasted at destination,


secure loading. to reassure you, on request, we can send you pictures of your goods being loaded on trucks or container,


worry free in case of damage. all our shipping are insured so that damages are covered. should you require extra insurance, just ask us and we will contract an additional cover to suit your needs.

Collecting goods from your storage when it is the most convenient for you

We know that for most of our suppliers, storage space could be scarce and expensive. The beauty of having a large transport and logistic company as a partner is that we cover France in its entirety. No matter where your unwanted equipment are stored, we can collect it rapidly. One of our transport expert’s mission will liaise with you to find the best time slot to collect your equipment. Tell us when and where and we’ll do the rest just as you asked.

Caring for the planet

When working in import and export, one relies heavily on transport including sea transport. We know all too well that transport is responsible for most of the greenhouse effect and that by shipping goods transport around the planet we have our share of that responsibility. Whilst we cannot shipped containers on our
own ships (maybe one day), we can still ensure that we do our part with environment in mind.

ISO 14001
Our partners in transport and logistics are all ISO 14001 certified.

CO2 offset
we have made plans to enrol in a global carbon foot print offset scheme so that every single gramme of CO2 we generate is balanced through green initiatives such a tree planting or research funding

DEEE collection
thanks to a partnership with Ecologic, when we generate DEEE, it is properly disposed of in accordance with European regulation.

CO2 emission monitoring
our logistics partner measure their CO2 emission and we share this information with you

Saving Energy

thanks to a series of drastic measures, we ensure that our business is using as little energy as possible. Work from home is a must : if it can be done from home, it will be done from home. We have also banned diesel from our fleet of vehicle to reduce particles emission. Our vehicle are light and frugal ; no gas guzzlers. And there is no heating or air conditioning in our warehouse.