medical equipment

second hand medical equipment export

On average, in Western Europe, hospitals and clinics renew their equipment every seven years, well before the end of their life cycle. This is a opportunity for many countries around the globe to acquire perfectly functioning and safe medical equipment for a fraction of their price as new.

At Ishara, our role is to source used medical equipment for hospitals and doctors located outside of Western Europe that cannot afford to pay for new ones.

Our team  of medical experts is linked to a network of several hundred health establishments in France where they seek unwanted medical equipment.

Quality and traceability

When it comes to medical equipment, quality and traceability are paramounts. We buy equipment in working order only (else they get dismantled for parts).This is achieved by :


requesting maintenance logs from our suppliers,


testing used medical equipment in our warehouse,


collecting, checking and storing technical data related to that equipment including its maintenance logbook


protecting tested medical equipment in a way that prevents wear and tears.

Shipping your equipement

Ishara is partnered with a French transport company specialised in fragile and high value equipement logistics. In particular, they specialise in handling medical both new and second hand. This is our guarantee to you that wherever you are located in the world, the devices you buy with us will be delivered on time and in perfect condition, ready to be used.

Quality and traceability

there are no limits to the type of medical equipment we are capable of sourcing for you. From very small to very large, thanks to our logistics partner, we have the team to handle it from end to end and make sure it reaches to you. Here is a non-exhaustive list of used medical equipment we export :


Ultrasound machines




X-ray radiology machines


Beds and stretchers

and many more !

Data protection

not all medical equipment store patient personal data, but when they do we erase it in a way that makes it totally recoverable. This is done in accordance with European GDPR regulation and guarantees both sellers and buyers that personal data are not transferred from one medical establishment to another.