The reconditioned used multifunction printer

The reconditioned used printer

The acquisition of a professional printer or a professional photocopier is an important budgetary item for a company, especially if it is a start-up or if it has limited financial resources. A new purchase, even if financed or leased, can raise the bill to several thousand euros and can put off the most determined of entrepreneurs.

The most appropriate alternative to the purchase of a new printer or copier is the acquisition of a reconditioned used copier or multifunction printer. Up to 50% cheaper than a new device, printers and photocopiers are very reliable products, guaranteed for 6 months and offering all the essential functions whether it is printing, photocopying or scanning for document management.

What is a reconditioned used multifunction printer?

The reconditioned used multifunction printer (or professional printer) is much more than a reconditioned used machine. It is a second-hand device that has been carefully selected for its history of use and maintenance and on which our technicians have carried out a complete refurbishment as described in this article.

The professional printer passes into the hands of specialized technicians who, after an in-depth diagnosis of the machine, change all the wearing parts for new ones. Thanks to this delicate operation, reconditioned professional printers are given a second youth and are ready to start a complete production cycle, just like a new machine. This is reuse with all the benefits that we know.

By buying a multifunction printer or a photocopier reconditioned by us, you are assured of acquiring a machine in perfect working order according to the manufacturer’s requirements.

What is the difference between a used photocopier and a reconditioned photocopier?

The idea of reconditioning, i.e. putting electronic devices back into condition, is not new. It was born when consumers realized that the consumer society was pushing them towards the regular purchase of new equipment even before the end of life of the old equipment. This led to the denunciation of programmed obsolescence, which is now forbidden by law in Europe. Companies quickly followed individual consumers, tired of having to renew their office equipment for no other reason than the concern to be equipped with the latest model released by the manufacturer.

Reconditioning a photocopier allows first of all to extend its life span. It also considerably reduces electronic waste and the energy expenditure resulting from the manufacture of a new machine. It is a citizen and eco-responsible action.

It is also an action in favor of the market, since the reconditioned photocopier, much less expensive than the new one, gives life to new industries and creates jobs. Finally, it is a responsible action because beyond the savings that a reconditioned device allows, it benefits from guarantees of operation identical to the new one.

The reconditioned photocopier is much more reliable than the used one. Whether it’s a multifunction printer or a copier, reconditioning, when done by a professional, is your guarantee of a completely refurbished machine in which all wearing parts have been checked and replaced by new ones. To convince yourself of this, consider the parallel with a used car. Which car is statistically less likely to give you unpleasant surprises? The one bought from a private person or the one bought from a dealer who will have completely revised and guaranteed it?

Is a reconditioned multifunction printer reliable?

A reconditioned professional printer, color or monochrome, works exactly like a new machine.

Inside a refurbished multifunction printer, all worn or damaged parts have been replaced by new ones. The machine has been thoroughly tested and comes with a 6 month warranty.

Of course, a reconditioned machine is not the latest model of the brand, but that’s exactly where its advantage lies. Thanks to it, you have a device that fulfills the vast majority of the features you need except for the latest innovations (which you certainly didn’t need anyway 😉 ).

With ekopy’s refurbished copiers or multifunction printers, you are guaranteed to be dealing with quality equipment that you will get complete satisfaction from.

What are the advantages of buying a reconditioned printer?

The first advantage of buying a reconditioned professional printer or a reconditioned photocopier is of course its price, which can be up to 50% of the price of the new one.

This allows modest structures such as startups, VSEs, professional firms (lawyers, bailiffs, notaries, real estate agents, accountants) to equip themselves as soon as they start their activity without impacting their budget.

The second advantage consists in an action towards the preservation of the resources of our planet by refusing the dictate of the consumer society and by privileging the re-use and the reduction of our most polluting waste.

In order to guide you in your choice, you can consult our buying guide and comparison. You can also contact us directly by mail to ask for more details or a free estimate.